What Should You Not Forget When Building a New House?

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What Should You Not Forget When Building a New House?

Are you building a new home? It could cost you thousands of dollars down the road. That’s why we’ve provided some tips and things to consider for homeowners who want to avoid costly mistakes when building their dream house.

We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to build a new home, so our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen by providing tips on what not to forget when designing your perfect abode. Our team has years of experience in construction and design, so we know exactly what works best for each room in your house! So if you’re looking for more than just another pretty picture but actual advice on how to create an amazing space – look no further! These tips will help make a huge difference and take the guesswork out of creating your dream home while saving money at every turn along the way!

Make A Custom Home Building Checklist!

Building a custom home means you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing every little detail about your future abode. However, there are many steps in the construction of your future house that you might not think about until it’s too late to worry about them, or just start building without making any plans at all! A good way around this problem would be creating a custom home-building checklist for yourself before starting anything so nothing slips through the cracks when deadlines approach quickly (especially if they’re coming up soon). This will help make sure everything gets done on time while also saving money by preventing mistakes from becoming major issues later downstream.

We have provided a list of things you should add to your checklist, and REMEMBER: your home builder should personally ask your input on these things BEFORE starting construction on your dream home:

Attic Unit Space

Make sure, with whomever you choose to build your dream home, to talk about custom home plans that allow for automatic installation of decking, access to attic space, a light switch that is accessible, and to talk to your builder about doors and/or pull-downs to gain access into usable attic space. also, make sure to have enough space for storage boxes and storage for holiday decorations

Bathroom Storage

When you’re building your own home, it can be a great opportunity to design the space in which YOU want and need. Not only can you make your house a custom fit, but it will also be one with an extra set of storage options not found in most existing homes! For example, recessed toilets and cabinets for medicine or shaving supplies are both easy to install right where they need to go without any fussing around behind walls – making life easier than ever before.

You’ll want to consider other things, such as:

  • Choice of vanity cabinets and outlets inside vanity cabinets for in the bathroom for dryer, as well as an outlet in master toilet closet for a night light.
  • Choice and layout of linen closets, and making sure they are of adequate size for your particular bathroom story.
  • Choice of how many lights you want in your bathroom, with a minimum of 3-4 lights
  • Floor plans for bath options.
  • Whether or not you’d like a pony wall in your bathroom layout.
  • Whether you’d want an additional sink in one or more bathrooms.

Door Swing Direction

Concerning the direction your doors should swing, your home builder should make sure to check the direction and way the doors open so that consistency is maintained, and logical hinge usage is prioritized; as sometimes the builder’s plans aren’t logical based on the way a typical door would be used. If doors on perpendicular walls ever interfere with each other when opened at the same time, your builder should address these issues when they come up. 

Extra Materials

A lot of people overlook the importance of leftover materials when they build a new home. Make sure you ask your builder for some extra tile, carpet, grout, wallpaper, paint, and trim as these can go a long way in helping make repairs down the line. Most reputable builders should provide lists with all finishes used during construction on appliances such as paint colors after completion too, so it’s easy to find what might match what’s already there at first glance without making any expensive mistakes later on.

Garage Storage & Space

Make sure that your garage has adequate space for all of your space and storage needs. One necessity when it comes to your garage is a keypad for entry on the garage door, especially in times where your car button doesn’t work! Also, make sure that the height in the garage is tall enough for your particular vehicle’s size.

Internet & Electronics

One thing many people forget when they’re building their home is the placement and internal installation of key electronic systems like your internet, house music systems, and more. Make sure when you talk with your builder, that you structure construction in a way that will give you control of router placement, signal boost location, etc. And though you can get by with wireless internet and a router, it wouldn’t hurt to have a hardline system in place as well.

Kitchen Ideas

One of the most comfortable workspaces of your home, and one that must have a lot of thought put into. For starters, you should talk to your builder about plans for:

  • Custom storage organization in kitchen drawers, especially the warming drawer and the drawer in the dining room
  • Multiple layouts/blueprints for your kitchen drawing
  • Overhead kitchen cupboards for more storage space *take into account the height of everyone in your household
  • Placements for more outlets (Ex. outlets in kitchen pantry for items that may end up living there, and places to plug in appliances in pantry)
  • Possible adding a kitchen island for additional functionality and elegance to the design of your kitchen
  • Possible material and colors for your kitchen wall

Lights, Switches, and Power Outlets 

When your home builder is working on your house, they should check the location of every light switch and all electrical outlets to ensure that no inconvenient placement exists. Mistakes happen, but they should be corrected before they cause an issue while building your custom home! Taking notes about where these things are located can help save time in dealing with any issues regarding their functionality when they come up.

Outdoor Conveniences

As if the inside of your home isn’t taking almost all of your attention, it’s almost too easy to forget about what you could need outside. Often forgotten conveniences for your outside landscape include: your choice of lighting (Ambient lighting, landscape lighting, night light, etc.), a porch ceiling fan, your choice of the patio (every patio, brick patio, etc.) preparing your roof for future solar installation, eaves for holiday lights, and various outlets (such as outlets under eaves, hose outlets for outdoor water and outlets for holiday lights). Take all of these into consideration when you think of all of the power and features you might need outside.

Shelf Depth

By default, a home’s shelve depth will be between 11-12 inches. Before building your shelves, your home builder should obtain your input on preferred shelf depth. A personal recommendation would be to increase your shelf depth to 14-15 inches, to get the most of your available storage space.

Shower Head Height

When it comes to the showerhead height in your bathrooms, keep in mind the height of every member of your household. For example: If anyone living in the house is taller than 6ft, you might want to consider installing the shower head fitting a little higher than what is standard. Remember that the showerhead you choose will hang somewhere around 3 inches below the fitting, so take that math into account when you design and build out the shower. And remember…sometimes two shower heads are better than one!

Television Placement

When it comes to designing your custom home, you’ll need to think of all possible rooms you want to place a television in. While some people might just want to have a TV in the living room or den, it might not be the central point of the room. Make sure to take some time and think about where you would want a TV to be placed in each room you’re thinking of putting on in. And of course, make sure you have the proper power outlets and connections to make it possible.

Water Heater Placement

It is important to think about the best way of installing your water heater. If you have an attic, then it would be better for them not to take up any space in the garage where they will also create walking obstruction so make sure to ask these questions, especially on water line fittings, before deciding on installation location. It would also be wise to look into tankless water heaters. Though they’re more expensive; less energy consumption and a continuous hot water supply outweigh the costs.

Are you new to home-building? We know all of this information can be a lot to process. From the little things to more complex design ideas, there is so much when it comes to the planning of your dream house. That’s why it is important to work with a home-builder who is experienced, who can provide builder remedy when things go wrong, who is family-oriented and combines all the finest elements of custom design with your personal tastes, wants, and needs to create a custom home that is uniquely yours.

When it comes to your custom home, whether it be a beach house, a multiple-story house in the suburbs, or a custom layout that you have in mind, our dedicated team at Designer Homes would love to meet you and see if we can turn your home from conception into reality. 

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