Plains Art Museum

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Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum is a great place to visit if you want an art experience outside of the city. Their collection features mostly American, African, and Asian paintings from centuries past that is sure not only teach us about different cultures but also show off some beautiful pieces too!

The Plains Art Museum is a fine arts gallery situated in midtown Fargo, North Dakota, USA. The background of the museum dates back to 1965 when the “Red River Art Facility” opened up in the former Moorhead, Minnesota, message office. The name of the museum was transformed when it was integrated with the Rourke Art Gallery to create the “Plains Art Gallery” in 1975.

This cultural center features contemporary, folk, and regional Native American art. Visitors can also attend lectures and programs at the museum. It’s a great place to bring the whole family. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy at the Plains Art Museum. It is located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, but admission is free.

The Gallery continued to be in the downtown Moorhead place till 1996. In October 1997, the Gallery relocated to a refurbished turn-of-the-century International Farmer stockroom in midtown Fargo, North Dakota. The American Partnership of Museums provided accreditation to Plains Art Museum in 2003.


The original Plains Art Museum opened in 1965 as the Red River Arts Center in Moorhead, Minnesota. After receiving its current name, it remained in its original location until 1996. In 1997, the museum moved to a renovated turn-of-the-century warehouse in downtown Fargo. The architect who designed the museum’s new home was Hammel Green & Abrahamson, Inc. The company is well-known for its award-winning designs and architecture.

The Plains Art Museum features 56,000 square feet of space. It houses permanent collection storage, studios, performance areas, visitor services, and a cafe and lounge. The museum is home to 12 special exhibitions each year and offers smaller exhibits throughout the year. The museum also hosts lectures, classes, and social events. Its permanent collection includes artwork from indigenous people and cultural groups from around the world. It’s also home to a wide variety of ethnographic objects.

The Plains Art Gallery in Fargo is the largest art gallery in North Dakota, located in a renovated International Harvester storehouse in the city’s downtown district. If you’re all regarding discovering local art, this is the area to see it. This complimentary art gallery’s permanent collection has more than 4,000 local, regional, and also national works, consisting of indigenous American art.

This ambitious and also complimentary gallery features advanced programs in a restored storehouse. The long-term collection consists of modern works by Native American musicians.

Art for all

The Plains Art Museum is a very unique place that will engage you with its variety of exhibits. You can find works by artists from all around the world, including ones still alive and those who have been collectively referred to as ” withdrawals.”

This museum has something for everyone; no matter your interests or taste in art–whether they be modernist paintings or traditional Native American artifacts on loan from various tribes across America -the PLAINS MUSEUM OF ART resolve could likely provide an excellent addition to anyone’s life who enjoys seeing beautiful things up close while feeling engaged enough answers questions about what exactly was happening back then.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend your evening, look no further than the Plains Art Museum. With an extensive collection and world-class exhibits on display throughout our galleries, there’s something here that sure fits any taste or mood![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]