One-Story Vs Two-Story House

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One-story vs. Two-Story House

If you’re looking to buy a new home, many factors go into your decision-making process. Some of the most important considerations when choosing between one or two-story houses are:

  • How much storage space do they have and what type/size rooms will best suit all members of your family’s daily life needs (including children).
  • Safety from trips and falls inside as well as an unlawful entry from burglars
  • Cost Comparison of One Story vs Two Story Home Costs per square foot
  • Privacy for family members

This blog post aims at helping readers understand these benefits and drawbacks so as not to make any rash decisions without knowing everything about each option beforehand!

What is the cheapest style of the house to build?

The cheapest style of the house to build is generally a one-story home. This is because they require less material and labor to construct than a two-story home. Additionally, one-story homes are typically easier to maintain than their two-story counterparts. If you are looking for an affordable option, then a one-story house might be the right choice for you.

Single Story vs Two Story Resale Value

When valuing properties, appraisers try to stay as close as possible to similar types of housing. A word of caution: single-story homes located in neighborhoods with two-story homes often have lower property values than their similar neighbors.

Benefits Of Single Story Homes

  • A single-story home maximizes square footage by eliminating the need for stairwells or extra HVAC systems. Because an open floor plan may feel so opulent, our customers frequently discover that a single-story home with less square footage feels larger than a two-story home with considerably more.
  • A single-story home maximizes square footage by eliminating the need for stairwells or extra HVAC systems. Because an open floor plan may feel so opulent, our customers frequently discover that a single-story home with less square footage feels larger than a two-story home with considerably more.
  • Across the board, 65% of buyers selected a one-story home, while only 29% wanted a two-story
    76% of those buyers aged 55 to 64 desire single-story homes, while buyers aged 65 and beyond want a single story 84 percent of the time. 
  • First-time buyers and homebuyers have a strong preference for single-story homes. Data shows that over 80% of first-time buyers say they would choose a single-story home if given the choice.

There are several reasons why single-story homes are so popular with this group. One key factor is that they tend to be more affordable than multi-story homes. Additionally, single-story homes are often seen as being easier to maintain and requiring less upkeep.

Of course, every homebuyer is different and there are plenty of wonderful multi-story homes on the market. However, for those looking to purchase their first home, a single-story property is likely to be the best option.

  • For people with mobility issues or young children, not having to deal with stairs can be a huge weight lifted off of their shoulders. 
  • One-story houses are easier to maintain and keep clean because there are no stairs to contend with.
  • A single-story home is ideal for those who don’t want to have to climb the stairs every day. This is especially important if you have a baby or someone with mobility problems who require you to climb stairs. A one-story home is safer if children are involved. Although this may not always be the case, one-story homes can often have a more open layout that may or may not suit your needs.
  • One-story houses are cheaper to build because they require fewer materials and labor. They are also easier to maintain because there is no need to climb up and down a ladder or stairs to perform tasks such as cleaning gutters or changing lightbulbs.
  • One-story homes can be simpler to design and more affordable to build. They are also easier to structurally engineer than two-story homes and can be constructed with prefabricated components.
  • One-story homes are also generally safer since there is no risk of falling off a second story.
  • Single-story houses have a higher resale value. A one-story home is easier to maintain and might serve as a “forever home.” It will be easier to sell the house. It is simpler to “age in place.” If you want to stay in your current house until retirement, there may be no need to relocate. One-story houses are easier to navigate and are handicap accessible.
  • One-story homes are quieter.  You won’t hear any noises or footsteps coming from upstairs.
  • If the lot is large enough, it’s much easier to add on to a one-story house than to expand a two-story home. A one-level floorplan will allow you more flexibility if you plan to add an in-law suite or garage. 
  • One-story homes have a smaller environmental impact and can be more energy efficient than two-story homes. One reason is that they require less energy to heat and cool.


Disadvantages of Single Story Homes

  • However, there are some disadvantages to having a one-story house as well. For example, if a natural disaster were to strike, it would be much easier for the home to sustain damage. Additionally, if you have a large family or frequently entertain guests, a one-story house might start to feel cramped after a while.
  • One story homes can be difficult to furnish and decorate – it’s hard to create the right balance of spaces when everything is on one level
  • It can be more challenging to find storage space in a one-story home
  • One story homes often have smaller bedrooms, which can be a problem if you have children or pets
  • If you’re looking for extra income, it’s harder to rent out a one-story home than a two-story home. This is because two-story homes are more appealing to potential tenants. They offer more living space and privacy and typically have better curb appeal. By contrast, one-story homes may be less desirable to renters for these reasons.
  • Lack of privacy can be an issue in some office settings. When everyone is on one floor, it can be difficult to find a place to have a private conversation or take a private phone call. This can be especially challenging for people who work from home.
  • No separation between living and sleeping areas – this can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep
  • One-story homes have a larger footprint than those with two stories. This means that the foundation and roof area of a one-story home will be larger and thus more costly.


Advantages Of Two Story Homes

Now let’s compare that to a two-story house. Two-story houses have the advantage of feeling more spacious since there is more vertical space to work with. If you have high ceilings, you can make a dramatic impact with your interior design. Additionally, two-story houses typically appreciate at a higher rate than one-story homes.

  • Two-story houses have the advantage of feeling more spacious since there is more vertical space to work with
  • Two-story houses have their own set of pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of a two-story house is that it offers more privacy since the bedrooms are typically located on the second floor. Additionally, two-story homes often have more curb appeal than one-story houses since they are taller and more commanding.
  • Two-story homes offer more privacy to the occupants as the bedrooms are usually located on the upper level. If you live in an area with a lot of foot traffic, being on the second story can help you avoid some of the noise and commotion. Additionally, if your property is located close to neighbors, a two-story house can provide some much-needed privacy.
  • A bedroom on the second or third floor offers privacy that a one-story home cannot offer. Depending on the location of your windows, in a one-story house, it could mean that everyone in your neighborhood can see what you are doing in your room.
  • Two-story homes also often have better resale value than one-story homes as they are generally seen as more luxurious. However, two-story houses can be more expensive to build and maintain due to the need for a staircase. Additionally, if you have young children or elderly family members living with
  • The benefits of having a two-story house are that you generally get more square footage for your money. You also have the option of using the additional space for things like a home office, guest bedroom, or storage.
  • Another advantage of two-story homes is that they can offer better views and more privacy than one-story houses. 
  • They often have more living space since builders can utilize the vertical space. Two-story homes can also be more energy-efficient since heat rises, so the upper floors will be naturally warmer in the winter months.
  • Two-story houses may be better suited for colder climates, as they allow for more heat to circulate throughout the house.
  • Lower chance of burglary: Intentionally leaving a window open on the second level will result in a lower rate of break-ins. It is unlikely that a thief will climb up a wall and through a window to steal any property.
  • There is a defined space – there are social/entertaining areas downstairs, and sleeping quarters upstairs.

Disadvantages Of Two-Story Homes

However, there are some drawbacks to having a two-story house as well. For example, construction costs can be more expensive to build than one-story homes. Additionally, if you have young children or someone in your family who has mobility issues, getting around the house can be challenging. Two-story homes are generally not wheelchair accessible.

  • If you live in an area with severe weather conditions, a two-story house can be more susceptible to damage.
  • They require more upkeep than one-story homes since you will need to clean gutters and windows on both levels
  • It is more expensive to heat and cool. A two-story house requires two HVAC systems while a ranch only requires one. Heating and cooling a house with two stories is more costly because each HVAC system works independently.
  • Many multi-story homes can be stuffy upstairs, and cold downstairs. Energy efficiency is not the main concern when building most multi-level homes. They suffer from the heat of summer and freeze in winter. Multi-story homes are more difficult and more expensive to maintain indoor comfort. This type of property may cost twice as much to heat and cool than a comparable-square-foot one-story home.
  • Stairs can take up 100 square feet of living space and cost more money.
  • Also, multi-story homes can be noisier than single-story homes. It is almost like living in an apartment complex with upstairs neighbors and hearing their conversations. It can be distracting to try and watch TV downstairs when someone is running a bath or shower upstairs.

So, what is the verdict? Are two-story houses better than one-story houses? The answer to that question depends on your specific needs and wants. If you are looking for more space, then a two-story house may be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for something that is easier to maintain and has fewer upkeep costs, then a one-story house might be a better option. No matter which type of house you choose, remember to contact us today for all your home buying needs! We would be happy to help you find the perfect place to call home.


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