Ignite Exteriors


When thinking of your new home, we suggest that you start with selections that make the first impression of your home and that begins with the exterior. Take a look at our ideas of how to take full advantage of the appearance of your new Ignite Home below.

When thinking about windows for your new home, many common questions are: Are these windows low-maintenance? Are they going to be energy-efficient?  Is there a good warranty? The standard windows in our Ignite Collection are vinyl windows from Pella. Pella vinyl windows boast of more features and options than other ordinary vinyl. Some of these features include fine craftsmanship, low maintenance, and the superior energy efficiency that you are looking for. Pella vinyl windows are also protected by a limited warranty that is recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Shopping for a garage door can be a little daunting – it’s an investment in your home and something that will be visible for years to come. Appearance is often the top priority for homeowners when choosing a garage door. Garage doors play a huge roll in the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and choosing the right garage door can have an immediate impact on your home’s curb appeal. Two stall garages with 8’ tall steel garage doors are standard in our Ignite Collection. Steel is extremely durable when compared to other materials. There is a reason why the term “strong as steel” is commonly used. For hundreds of years, folks have relied on the strength and peace of mind that only steel can provide. Our Ignite Collection exteriors are captivating and modest. Let us help you make the exterior of your dream home one of a kind!