Ignite Bathrooms


Although it may be one of the rooms we spend the least amount of time in, the bathroom is a room for rejuvenation and relaxation. A bathroom is often on of the smallest rooms in a home, yet one of the most complex.

You begin the process of your bathroom design with the cabinets and countertops. There are many stains and paint colors to choose from that will better suit your needs. Laminate countertops come standard in all the bathrooms. As an upgrade, if you choose to do a custom tiled shower, there are an endless amount of selections of all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns of tile, to which you can also upgrade your flooring to tiled floor and add a little extra pizazz. Choose from the endless array of lighting fixtures to tie the whole room together. There are so many different possibilities that it is nearly impossible to have a bathroom look just like someone else’s. In your bathroom there are many details that can make it stand out and be one of a kind. From the light fixtures, to the countertops, to the custom tiled shower. Your bathroom could become your own personal spa and oasis. There’s no question that successful projects require thoughtful planning and design, great communication and skilled craftsmanship. It’s what you can expect when working with Designer Homes.