Energy Efficient Home Design

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 Energy Efficient Home Design

Conservation doesn’t end at flipping off a light switch or taking shorter showers. At Designer Homes, we do our part with intentional, energy-efficient home designs and building practices. Our attention and commitment to a greener, more efficient home building industry is the motivation behind the choices we make and the company we’ve created. Through conservative and high-standard construction strategies, Energy Star appliances, and climate-conscious community space, we help promote a healthier environment for our residents and the world they live in. We use renewable energy to help you create your dream home.

Energy Efficient Construction

We prioritize energy efficiency throughout the design phase and are devoted to environmental stewardship. Our building process utilizes time, materials, and design to produce top energy efficiency, from building materials to construction cost. A greener process and a more conservative lifestyle for residents begin with creating house plans.

Energy Building Codes

Each of our home designs is planned following Federal Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards code. The building code approvals are put in place by the Federal Housing and Urban Development department, a branch of the government. The bottom line is that the building permit governs how we will construct your home.

In the early 1990s, the Housing and Urban Development department revised and increased the standards of this code to put a further emphasis on energy efficiency among the homes we built. Today, building codes regulate the quality of transportability, strength of materials, energy efficiency, fire resistance of each wall and structure, plumbing, electrical systems, ventilation standards, and wind-resistance in areas that encounter hurricane-force winds.

The approval process for new construction has become increasingly difficult. The reason is that, with so many different requirements and guidelines coming out of Washington every day, it’s virtually impossible to stay on top all at once- especially when you have multiple offices around the country enforcing these rules simultaneously! That means developers must heavily rely on pre-engineered items, which provide them greater flexibility while still adhering to very stringent criteria such as fire safety or accessibility requirements, and resulting in a more efficient home design.

Factory Building Process

Compared to a traditional build, our construction process uses less energy and produces fewer waste items. These energy-efficiency steps lead to an average of 2.5 times less waste, 3% less greenhouse gas emission, and 4.6% less life cycle energy than a traditional building process.

In addition to the actual structure build, this factory process also comes with green benefits on the manpower side. A study in 2012 showed that factory building of manufactured homes led to a 40% lower GHG emissions than a site-built house. Some of this reduction comes from the lowered carbon footprint and emission of employees and builders having to only drive to the factory instead of worksites.

Green Home Design Features

Our manufactured homes have efficient house design layers that benefit the environment and our homeowners from material sourcing to design choices. Eco-friendly house plan design provides a more comfortable living experience and the opportunity to optimize energy bills.

Building Materials

Each manufactured home follows strict standards for energy efficiency. One way this is accomplished is through proper insulation and window requirements. Cooling and heating costs are typically lower in a manufactured home, and temperature systems have been shown to be as much as 30% more efficient in maintaining thermal comfort. Manufactured homes are equipped with low-E windows to support the proper insulation and temperature systems. This helps to maintain internal temperature and efficiency. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, our energy-efficient features can reduce cool and heat loss, as well as the ability to promote utility cost-effectiveness while maintaining human comfort.

Materials and Technology

An energy-efficient house continues with appliances, fixtures, and technology selected to fill the square footage. Style and function combine with the ENERGY STAR Certified appliances we use for houses. These appliances, such as an air conditioning unit, are engineered to optimize productivity and promote efficiency.

We recommend the use of NEST & Ecobee smart thermostats to partner with our top-notch insulation and temperature-conserving windows. These thermostats can use data to reduce consumption and lower cooling and heating costs.

This means that you can heat the space to meet your needs with our home designs! Whether you’re in the market for a new home or simply want to replace your old one, we tailor your home to meet the heating requirements.

We install a water meter on each of our units to help reduce water consumption, promote conservation, and detect leaks when they occur. These meters are partnered with low-flow showerheads, water heater pipe insulation, and energy-efficient faucet aerators.

LED lights last longer than traditional lightbulbs, so you spend less time with pesky drafts driving everyone crazy at night!Through LED lights and bulbs installed both inside our homes and throughout our communities, we can help to reduce energy consumption and reduce electricity costs.

Alternatively, we can also design your home that glitters with natural light and captures the views you love. This results in energy savings for homeowners and lowers the operational costs of running a home.

Geothermal Home Heating

Heating your house with geothermal energy is more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective than other forms of home heating. Also, if you want to save money while also protecting the environment, we can design a solar heating system for you.

The prospect can be daunting for those not familiar, but it’s actually quite easy! Our custom designs will help you install the perfect system to meet all needs – whether they’re aesthetic or functional.

Green Communities

We continue to promote green ideas in our communities by fostering open space landscaping, intentional waste management, and building material suppliers.

Key components of why we do what we do: By promoting green ideas in our communities, we can positively impact the environment. We do this by spreading awareness of open space landscaping and waste management practices that can help reduce pollution levels while also providing you with beautiful designs for your home!

Open Space

Natural wildlife is one of the most important aspects of the environment that green ideas aim to conserve. Our community designs preserve as much wildlife as possible by leaving intentional open spaces and centering landscaping around trees and shrubs. This preserves soil, supports the environment, and improves air quality. We sponsor the Open Space Pace parade and festival in Monmouth County, New Jersey, for our passion outreach.

Waste Management

We are dedicated to making our community more sustainable by recycling food waste, construction waste, paper products such as beer and wine bottles, and coffee shop cups. We also have a corporate office with convenient bins where you can bring your items without remembering glass jars!

Material Suppliers

We use a purchasing platform to reduce waste and increase efficiency and additions to our communities during the building process. This platform allows exact ordering of materials ahead of time to avoid purchasing travel and over-ordering.

We also reach out to all our suppliers to encourage them to take their steps towards an environmentally friendly workplace through negotiation and our Vendor Code of Conduct.

Climate change and negative impacts on the environment affect us all. There are many ways we can reduce our impact and promote energy efficiency through conscious and sustainable building practices, efficient home designs, and Energy Star ratings for our communities.


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