Downtown Fargo District

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Downtown Fargo District

The Downtown Fargo district is located along the Red River bordering Minnesota. This cultural district is home to galleries, performing arts theaters, the Plains Art Museum, and a variety of specialty and vintage shops. Its varied restaurants and bars also draw in locals and visitors. The 1926-built Fargo Theatre is a popular venue for concerts. You can also play tennis or take a walk along the many walking paths.

The downtown area is dotted with several ice cream shops. The Silver Lining Creamery, Scoop N Dough Cookie Co., and Tea & Crepe Cafe serve small batch ice creams, including cookies. Other popular spots include the Black Coffee & Waffle Bar, which serves non-syrup waffles, and Nichole’s Fine Pastry, which serves European-style pastries. These places are all perfect for a late afternoon or early evening snack.

The downtown Fargo district is home to several unique restaurants and shops. There are plenty of coffee shops in the district. Twenty Below Coffee Co., Young Blood Coffee Co., Atomic, Babb’s Coffee House, and Black, Waffle Bar are all great options for coffee and other beverages. If you are looking for a night out, you can check out Dempsey’s and Babb’s Coffee House for some good grub. The rooftop bar at the Hotel Donaldson is an excellent place to enjoy a cocktail.

For a good time, head over to the Empire Tavern and try a few cocktails. They serve Grain Belt and other brews, and the Empire Tavern is the oldest bar in town. Duffy’s is an Irish pub that has been a favorite for over 50 years. The VFW is the city’s best dive bar. If you’re looking for a great night out, check out the Downtown Fargo Bar Crawl.

The Downtown Fargo Business Association is a group of local businesses and individuals. Its mission is to make the Downtown Fargo District a vibrant, safe neighborhood. Its corporate office is located at 657 2nd Ave N. Its fax number is 207-222-7293. Its website provides an interactive map of the Downtown. The association’s offices are open seven days a week and are managed by a dedicated staff.

Meanwhile, it is difficult to overstate how stunning the Federal Building and Courthouse are as landmarks of the Downtown Fargo District. They are situated on one-half of a city block and consist of a symmetrical three-story edifice with limestone and brick accents on its outside. There are 216 feet of space between the main facade and the ground floor. A short stroll from one structure to another connects the complex’s various buildings. For those who want to get into Downtown Fargo, you can find the right bus or train.

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