Rocking Horse Farm

Rocking Horse Farm is completely packed with all of the best amenities and creature comforts you’d expect from a luxury home community – having been established in 1998, Rocking Horse Farm has had a bit of time to peak in terms of its continued development and expansion. Taking a relaxing stroll down the lovely shared community walking path, heading to the park to blow off some extra energy, and even visiting the outdoor wildlife ponds located within the Learning-Oriented Pocket Parks are all options available to you as a resident here. Located in Fargo, Rocking Horse Farm is aptly named so in order to evoke the happiest childhood memories your brain has to offer – in addition to simply rolling off the tongue like a satisfying phrase, rocking horses used to serve as the staple toy occupying most of our childhood leisure time. The idea behind the name is meant to give the community a comforting and homely feel, while the amenities and features add a touch of modernity. In tandem, they seamlessly combine to provide a flawless community experience for all of the residents on a daily basis.

Rocking Horse Farm is proud to hold an annual family picnic on the last Tuesday of July! It’s a fun-filled gathering you won’t want to miss – delicious, well-done food; games and activities the whole family can enjoy, and an overall fantastic day spent socializing and enjoying the company of our peers are guaranteed to anyone in attendance. Rocking Horse Farm, a luxury home community development unlike any other in Fargo, also lies in close proximity to some popular cities in North Dakota – Horace, Moorhead and West Fargo are at the very most a few miles and a few minutes away from the complex. Known as the city of restaurants, Rocking Horse Farm offers only the most convenient dining prospects – within five minutes, you can be in front of ten different restaurants if you so choose to be, and within another five minutes you may even stumble across ten more. The Rocking Horse Farms housing development has distinct expansion capabilities and is currently split into three sections. Each section of the community houses 181 available lots and they are in the process of creating two more community sections, each of which will house approximately 135 lots. If you can see yourself as a future resident here at Rocking Horse Farm, give us a call or send us an email today!

Wilds of North Dakota

West Fargo, otherwise known as the Wilds of North Dakota, is a luxury home community jam-packed with only the best in conveniences, amenities, and necessities. In addition to having an ice hockey rink, several ponds, and multiple parks inclusive of all ages available for recreational use, West Fargo’s tightly knit community also makes use of a shared, luxurious walking path and a spacious pavilion. Take a stroll in the spacious and beautifully kept parks they have open to the public – West Fargo has got it all, and is the best spot for you to have your residence. Having been established in 2011, West Fargo’s luxury home community is just getting to its feet in terms of its marketability and development, but the events and amenities frequently offered by the Wilds make the community stand out from its peers. Neighborhood block parties featuring refreshments, music, dancing, and real-life fun are carried out by our residents semi-annually, and they’re always a blast. Whether you’re at work or on your own time enjoying some well-deserved fun and relaxation, West Fargo is the place for you to be.

The school zone is in a very desirable and safe part of North Dakota, and here at the Wilds we pride ourselves on our school system. The Wilds ‘s neighborhood is within walking distance or a very short drive away from Legacy Elementary, Liberty Middle School, and Sheyenne High School. This beautiful community is a two-minute drive from the city of Fargo – being less than half a mile away from one of the largest cities in North Dakota certainly has its upsides, one of them including the propensity of the state’s job market to hire within Fargo. With that being said, if you time it correctly, you’ll never be late to work again. The community is known for its livability and overall quality as evidenced by our town’s increasing rate of population growth. Having desirable school districts with intelligent and caring staff and being a fantastic place within which to raise a family are two of the Wilds’ strongest attributes. West Fargo also has the capability for expansion, the community will be divided into sixteen additions containing many available lots each.

Timber Creek

In Timber Creek, we offer plenty of designer homes lots guaranteed to fit your best needs and interests. The community is astounding in both size and quality and the amenities! Enjoy any of the amenities offered by the community – take a stroll and surround yourself with beautiful outdoor scenery on the walking path or play a pickup game on the expansive full-sized basketball court. Frolic in the community playground with your children and make friends with other parents while your kid pals around with other kids. Have a quick workout in the fitness center chock-full of friendly gym-goers and state of the art strength training equipment. Pets are also always welcome in Timber Creek! Take your dog out to the pet-friendly park if they’d be interested in having some fellow animal company, or even if you need a breath of fresh air – your dog is sure to find another pet to click with.

In addition, Timber Creek is located within walking distance of many different conveniences! Never run out of food or find yourself without the essentials with grocery stores less than a mile from your designer home. The school zone is within the esteemed and desirable Fargo School District, and the three schools within walking distance from our homes are Centennial Elementary, Discovery Middle School, and Davies High School. Timber Creek is a community development filled with amenities and preparations to last you and your family a lifetime, including a modern gym, a pet-friendly park, and restaurants – all within walking distance from your future home! Timber Creek is currently considering undergoing top-tier renovations bound to bring the community even more amenities and creature comforts to take advantage of. The community’s highway exist is located on Interstate 29, just a 10-minute drive from the nearest part of Fargo! There may be the capability for expansion coming within the next three years.  Give us a call or send us an email today if interested in building your dream home on one of our available lots in Timber Creek!

Eagle Pointe

Eagle Pointe is the perfect place to purchase a lot to build your dream home no matter what you’re in the market for because this community comprises the perfect balance of traditional neighborhood and modern convenience hub. The community is jam-packed with amenities for you and your family, but it isn’t overdeveloped to the point of crowding – this blend of modernity and distance fosters a feeling of connection to the community as a whole and yet leaves you with your privacy. Take a stroll down our walking path with your pet, spouse, or the whole family! Enjoy the day at the park or take a trip to the playground, where those in your family are always welcome to come and spend some time. Enjoy the spacious community gazebo overlooking a beautiful pond with a dock and search with your kids to find their favorite kind of fish! Or, head down to the full-sized, well-kept basketball courts for a pickup game with neighbors or friends. No matter where your interests lie, the Eagle Pointe’s community has them covered.

Eagle Pointe was created in the span between 2012-2014, and since then it has come a very long way from its beginnings as a housing complex. While there are no additional expansions planned at this time in order to account for the complex’s comparatively recent creation and initial development, the team is sure that Eagle Pointe can be the right place for you. It is located within the city of Fargo, North Dakota, and offers easy access to some of the best eateries the state has to offer – after all, Fargo is known as, “the city of restaurants.” In addition, Eagle Pointe is less than a mile from some of the best public schools in Fargo, including Davies High School. Give us a call or send us an email indicating your interest in purchasing a home today!

Fargo Luxury Homes That Won’t Break The Bank

Fargo Luxury Homes That Won’t Break The Bank

Dreaming of an HGTV-worthy home but feel it’s out your price range? It can be frustrating shopping for a luxury home, as there are lots of options, but a buyer is left wondering if many of the current trendy styles are going to stand the test of time and increase in value.

A lot of the current housing trends inflate the value of a property artificially but will not add equity and just cost you more money at the time of purchase you’ll never recuperate. By knowing what’s a fad versus what’s timeless, you can afford a luxury home. Here are some of the trends to watch for when you’re shopping for a luxury home that may not stand the test of time or add value to your home.

Luxury Home Features That Aren’t Worth The Price

#1 Marble Countertops

We’ll admit it, marble countertops are beautiful, and if you’ve always wanted them don’t be a afraid to buy a house with them, just know they are expensive and there are more economical alternatives. Marble is a porous, meaning it is a high-maintenance surface. If you’re flexible, you can enjoy the beautiful look of rock, such as granite or quartz that looks just as goof but are far less expensive and require less maintenance.

#2 Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend started within the last few years, largely capitalizing on the popular chain IKEA and more European-style homes. Open shelving does make spaces look bigger and some like the simplicity. However, not everyone is a fan of having all their dishes on display and installing cabinets can be costly down the road. In the case of open shelving, we would recommend on the side of tradition and stick with cabinets.

#3 Colorful Appliances

From bold color bathtubs and refrigerators to mirrored or chalkboard cabinets, people love pops of color in their home. However, making your appliances be the part of your house that provides color is going to cost a lot of money. Think about if that particular appliance breaks, do you want to buy another replica of the first? Can you upgrade to a better machine or do you have to buy all new appliances to keep them matching? It’s too much work to have matching appliances. Try painting your walls different colors. It will save you money and stress.

#4  Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and always one-of-a-kind but carries some baggage. Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are more than 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been cared for properly. The downfall with hardwood flooring is they require quite a bit of maintenance and can scratch very easily. Engineered hardwood offers a better alternative at a lower cost of hardwood and has also stood the test of time.

Buy or Build A Luxury Home That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Are any of the above home features a deal-breaker? Of course not, if you love any of the items above buy or build a home with them. The main thing to keep in mind is those trends that are featured in a lot of luxury homes today may not stand the test of time or add value to your Fargo property in the long run.

Now that you know some of the common pitfalls to avoid, here are some communities where you should consider building or searching for a new home.

Prairie Farms

This Community is located in South Fargo and includes growing park area, path connectivity to South Fargo’s trail network, and incorporated a pre-existing shelterbelt in its unique design.

Rocking Horse Farms

This growing community features a farmstead-themed office park and plans for supporting retail. It also features large lots with grass meadows for a beautiful backyards.