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Attractions in Grand Forks  

Things to Do in Grand Forks 

Moving to a new city can be nothing short of a frightening experience, especially when you aren’t sure what you’re walking into. 

What can you expect from the neighborhood you’ll be residing in? Are there any available outdoor activities and opportunities to have social fun? How about the kids – will they also be satisfied with the attractions of the city you decide to trust with the purchase of a new home? 

We understand your qualms and concerns about relocating to a new city. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you understand exactly what Grand Forks can offer couples, families and children of all ages. 

Grand Forks is a desirable place to live for everybody in the family! Long winter nights might be windy and freezing, but North Dakota’s equally hot summers give residents a chance to explore fun activities for all ages and preferences abound within the city’s abundant social buzz. From summer walks along the Red River to the amazing ice hockey scene at UND, there’s never a shortage of attention-grabbing attractions to explore in Grand Forks. 

Go Winter Camping/Sledding at Turtle River State Park 

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the possibility of winter camping, Turtle River State Park is the place to be. If you were looking for the best outdoor activities in Grand Forks, you’ve found at least one of them. Winter camping is known for being challenging, but the beautiful scenery and mountaintop snow banks make the experience more than worthwhile. You might not want to bring your kids along on this trip, but couples are sure to enjoy a few days in the wilderness surrounded by uniquely North Dakotan nature.

However, if you are interested in finding the best attractions for kids in Grand Forks, they will supremely enjoy sledding at Turtle River State Park! Without the distraction of crowds, you can enjoy intimate bonding time with your children all day long by taking them to go sledding here in the winter. Make sure to bundle everyone in your family up with warm clothing so the fun doesn’t have to end early. You’ll sleep like a baby (and so will your kids) after an exciting day of sledding at Turtle River State Park in Grand Forks. 

Appreciate the Resilience of the Flood Memorial Monument

This flood monument pays homage to the city that was once the sole target of the worst floods in the United States. During the mid-1990s, the sheer volume of previous floods in the downtown area of the city almost destroyed everything. After reaching the peak of their destruction during the devastating flood of 1997 that nearly doomed the downtown area of Grand Forks, residents took a stand against the natural disasters they were facing and rebuilt the entire city. About $3.5 billion in damages were fixed over a long period of time, and dams/levees were eventually built around the Red River area in order to prevent another flood from occurring. 

The Flood Memorial Monument serves as a reminder of past devastation and as a testament to the grit of North Dakotans everywhere. Today, it hosts couples and just about everybody in between looking for an escape from the daily grind of work and reality through offering a beautiful view that overlooks the Red River of the North. 


Enjoy Culturally Sensitive Art at the University of North Dakota

The North Dakota Museum of Art is a very special museum located on the University of North Dakota‘s physical campus. Centered in the century-old former University of North Dakota gymnasium, you’ll come to appreciate the cultural sensitivity of regional artists. You’ll catch a glimpse of everything from acutely detailed Asian pottery to the daily life of a contemporary Native American. Although this museum will certainly expand your horizons and conceptions of artistic expression, it also features some “comfort food” of the arts. Permanent gallery collections at the museum include an outdoor sculpture garden and a studio exhibit from New York artist Barton Lidice Benes

If it’s too hot to enjoy being outside in the summer, take a trip to UND for their skilled ice hockey scene – the North Dakota Fighting Hawks are well-known for the talent they bring to the rink every time they thoroughly demolish one of their regional university opponents. You’re sure to have a great time with the whole family cheering on your feet as UND wipes the ice with anyone who comes in between them and the winning goal.  

After you visit the North Dakota Museum Of Art, you can take a trip to Urban Stampede – the downtown coffeehouse to visit for a cup of real North Dakotan coffee. They make it strong, but even stronger is the potential for intimate human connection at their coffee bar. People can engage in conversation with complete strangers, and since its inception in 1992, the owner of Urban Stampede claims that many people who first met at his bar have since gotten married.  

You can also visit Grand Forks‘ other downtown buildings for more fun and exploration. The city‘s cosmopolitan downtown culture ensures that everybody feels welcome, no matter where they come from. Moreover, the historic downtown artifact buildings Grand Forks is famous for will wow you with the story of strength and stamina that originated from this very city during the 1990s. 

Previous floods may have brought the city of Grand Forks to its knees, but the uplifting energy of Grand Forks shines through every memorialized building that is available for the public to witness. 54-foot crested flood waves couldn’t break the spirit of Grand Forks in 1997, so you’d better believe that nothing else will either! 

Resilience is the name of the game for everyone inhabiting this city, and a shared gratefulness for (currently) better days comes along with that level of past perseverance. This means that everyone is treated like they’re part of the family in Grand Forks. 

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